Australias leading grower and wholesaler of flowers and potted plants.

Company Overview

The Lynch Group is a vertically integrated wholesale floral company whose farms and warehouses cover the entire process of planting, growing, merchandising, and selling flowers and plants to major supermarket chains and commercial outlets throughout Australia and China. Learn more about us here.

Customer-Focused Passion

With a passion for product freshness, custom branding, and a laser focus on the consumer, the team at Lynch Group pride themselves on creating amazing customer experiences. From leading-edge agricultural practices and quality control to stunning displays and packaging, the company has become a world leader in floral research, development, and innovation.

A Legacy of Leadership

A third-generation company founded by Leo Lynch in 1915, we carry a strong legacy in the agricultural industry. With strong revenue and EBITDA growth forecast for 2021, we're looking to expand our leadership role in the market, and leverage our team of international experts in the floral industry to achieve our goals for years to come.

News and ASX Announcements

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Meet the Directors

Learn more about the unique talents of each of our Directors and Senior Management, here.

Patrick Elliott

Patrick Elliott Chair and Non-Executive Director

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Hugh Toll

Hugh Toll Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

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Peter Clare

Peter Clare Independent Non-Executive Director

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Elizabeth Hallett

Elizabeth Hallett Independent Non-Executive Director

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Peter Arkell

Peter Arkell Independent Non-Executive Director

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Lynch Group Logo

Senior Mangement of the Lynch Group

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Our Values

As a third-generation business with floral and farming industries in Australia and China, we know how much a values-driven philosophy impacts our growers, customers, and investors. Relationships form the foundation of our company and our values. Our products reflect those values, as does how we do business.

  • We have a passion for excellence, inspiring us to focus on quality.
  • Our commitment to honesty and integrity earns our customers’ enduring respect and trust.
  • With a culture of openness, we share ideas in a team atmosphere, driving the kind of innovation that results in the ultimate in customer satisfaction.
  • Those values undergird our commitment to provide our employees with a safe workplace and rewarding work, sourcing our products ethically, and preserving the greatest gift we have – the earth – for the next generation.

Many Australian companies have only recently discovered the benefits of socially responsible corporate action with the rising ESG movement. Throughout our existence, we’ve always lived by those values. We hope to continue living by them for the next century as well.

Passion For Excellence

Respect and Trust

Quality Focused

Honesty and Integrity

Team Work


Corporate Governance

Name: Download:
Board Charter 159kb PDF.
Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter 167kb PDF
Audit and Risk Committee Charter 165kb PDF.
Continuous Disclosure Policy 164kb PDF.
Share Trading Policy 207kb PDF.
Code of Conduct 149kb PDF.
Risk Management Policy 133kb PDF.
Shareholder Communications Policy 145kb PDF.
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy 159kb PDF.
Diversity Policy 139kb PDF.
Whistleblower Policy 188kb PDF.

A Note to Prospective Investors

The Prospectus (which has been issued by the Lynch Group Holdings Limited and Lynch SaleCo Limited) can be accessed by visiting The Prospectus sets out the details of the terms and conditions of the offer of Shares in the Lynch Group and should be considered in deciding whether to acquire any Shares. The process for applying for Shares is also set out in the Prospectus, which includes completing the application form that will be in or accompany the Prospectus.


As we continue to grow, stay across our upcoming events in our calendar.
Note: The Key Dates are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice.


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